We welcome you, the reader, to this source of inspiration. Language and communication are essential for all people. Tears and laughter, pain and joy are powerful emotions which bring us all together as one in this field of gifted education. We must nurture the essence of the child and more importantly, it is up to us to advance gifted education – Tuteira Pohatu, 2009.

Connect.ED 2018 – You’re Invited!

Book the date – Saturday 7th April. For programme information and registration, please click here.

Voting is Now Open

The Board of giftEDnz: The Professional Association for Gifted Education has impending vacancies. The position of Chair along with three positions on the Board are open this round of elections, with the outcomes from voting being announced at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, 7 April 2018.  Nominations have closed, however voting is now open, so if you are a current giftEDnz member, please take a few minutes to vote. You will need your memerbhip number handy.

To see where the organisation is headed and the priorities that have been set, take a look at the 2017 Strategic Plan.



Our thanks to The Todd Foundation for their generous support in establishing giftEDnz.