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We welcome you, the reader, to this source of inspiration
. Language and communication are essential for all people
. Tears and laughter, pain and joy are powerful emotions which bring us all together as one in this field of gifted education. 
We must nurture the essence of the child and more importantly, it is up to us to advance gifted education. By Tuteira Pohatu, 2009.“We welcome you, the reader, to this source of inspiration. Language and communication are essential for all people. Tears and laughter, pain and joy are powerful emotions which bring us all together as one in this field of gifted education. We must nurture the essence of the child and more importantly, it is up to us to advance gifted education”

– Tuteira Pohatu, 2009.

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Gifted Awareness

It’s time to stand up together, and advocate for the needs and rights of gifted children across the nation. Join in with celebrations, advocacy events and other interesting activities. The annual Blog Tour is running (1-30 June), providing a platform for children, youth and adults alike to share their perspectives on Diversity. We have a newly launched Gifted Awareness Week website, with links to lots of the fantastic ways of taking part.

giftEDnz Roadshow 2017

For the rest of Dr. Margaret Sutherland and Hannah Hudson’s keynote addresses, and Associate Professor Riley’s Te Manu Kotuku Award Lecture, check out giftEDnz’s YouTube channel. Roadshow presenter resources are available here.


giftEDnz would like to thank those of you who participated in the giftEDnz Roadshow, as; keynotes, Te Manu Kotuku Award recipient, afternoon presenters, and delegates. giftEDnz would also like to recognise and thank Massey University’s Institute of Education, Auckland University’s Faculty of Education and Social Work, CAGE, NZCGE, NZAGC, Aurora, REACH Education, and all those who sponsored, collaborated with, and provided support for these events. All involved helped to make the Roadshow experience the success that it was.

Other News

Student Voice

A student from Canterbury presented a speech recently on his experiences of being gifted. Please take the time to read this. It is vital that we draw on student perspectives as we evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching and programmes and evolve our practices accordingly.

National Research Update

To read about where this project is up to, what the next steps are and how to participate, please click here.


The Chairperson’s report is available here. Read about all the great work your Board has been doing in 2016/17 and email us if you have other ideas for ways we can support gifted learners. Feel free to share giftEDnz initiatives with others in the education sector.

Tracy Riley receives prestigous Te Manu Kotuku Award 

The Board of giftEDnz was delighted to present Associate Professor Tracy Riley with Te Manu Kotuku Award for 2017, at the recent Auckland Roadshow. Te Manu Kotuku Award is a prestigious award that celebrates the recipient’s outstanding service and contribution to the education and development of the gifted and talented children and young people of Aotearoa New Zealand. We are sure that members will agree that Tracy is a very deserving recipient of this award. Tracy presented a fantastic, thought-provoking talk about the in-visibility of gifted. We hope to make a video of her presentation available on the website soon.

 giftEDnz is an active organisation, always seeking ways to continue advocating for our gifted tamariki and rangitahi, while also working to help empower our members and others in their work with these youngsters. Some recent activities include:

  • Supporting emerging researchers at a mentoring retreat
  • Presentations by members of the Speakers’ Beureau
  • Affiliation with the Australian Association for Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT)
  • Working towards a national study
  • New release of the fabulous e-zine to members

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