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imagegIftEDnz is proud to present the inaugural giftEDnz Roadshow.  To find out about this exciting up-coming event, including information about the keynote speaker Doctor Margaret Sutherland, Te Manu Kōtuku Award and Lecture, and much more as it comes to hand…please click here.

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Welcome to your national professional community in gifted and talented education.

We welcome you, the reader, to this source of inspiration
. Language and communication are essential for all people
. Tears and laughter, pain and joy are powerful emotions which bring us all together as one in this field of gifted education. 
We must nurture the essence of the child and more importantly, it is up to us to advance gifted education. By Tuteira Pohatu, 2009.“We welcome you, the reader, to this source of inspiration. Language and communication are essential for all people. Tears and laughter, pain and joy are powerful emotions which bring us all together as one in this field of gifted education. We must nurture the essence of the child and more importantly, it is up to us to advance gifted education”

– Tuteira Pohatu, 2009.


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Latest News

AGM – This coming Saturday!

When: 1 April, 4.45-5.30pm
Where: Selwyn House School, Christchurch

The AGM agenda is available here. Incumbent members Nadine Ballam (current Treasurer) and Andi Delaune (current Secretary) have stood for their respective positions unopposed. As such, there will be no election.

giftEDnz would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

Te Manu Kotuku Award Recipient Announced

The Board of giftEDnz is delighted to announce that Associate Professor Tracy Riley is the recipient of the Te Manu Kotuku Award for 2017. The Te Manu Kotuku Award is a prestigious award that celebrates the recipient’s outstanding service and contribution to the education and development of the gifted and talented children and young people of Aotearoa New Zealand. We are sure that members will agree that Tracy is a very deserving recipient of this award.  The award will be presented to Tracy at the giftEDnz Roadshow in Auckland on April 8th 2017 and we are thrilled that Tracy will be delivering the Te Manu Kotuku address at this event.

National Research Study into the Current State of Gifted Education in New Zealand.

Are you a NZ primary or intermediate school teacher?? If so, we need you!!!!! giftEDnz is now underway with the first phase of our nationwide survey exploring the current state of gifted education in NZ. If you are currently working in a NZ primary or intermediate school, please click here to complete the anonymous survey and have your say!! Please share this on to your colleagues and teachers in other NZ primary or intermediate teachers too so they can also have a say.

An exciting new affiliation with the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented

giftEDnz is proud to announce its affiliation with AAEGT – the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented – at UNSW in Sydney. This is very exciting!

As part of their work, AAEGT publish the Australasian Journal for Gifted Education. They are presently  looking for anyone who might be interested in submitting papers for a special issue. This issue is devoted to Gagne’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT) and open to any papers that are research informed critiques on the model, as it is a very popular one in both Australia and New Zealand. This special issue is an attempt to better understand its relevance for both research and practice. Submissions are due by February 1st 2017.

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Special Interest Group (SIG) News

Interested in Twice Exceptionality?

Karen, one of our giftEDnz members, is interested in reigniting the Twice Exceptional Special Interest Group (SIG) and is hoping to get some support from interested members. So if any of you are especially interested in the area of twice or multi-exceptionality, do get in touch with us at giftednz@gmail.com and we will send your details on to Karen or join the giftEDnz Multi-exceptional Special Interest Group Facebook group. You need to be a giftEDnz member to join.

Early Years

If you are a member and keen to be part of the Early Years Special Interest Group advocating for learners from 0-8 years of age, please come and join the conversation and find out about what’s on the go, by connecting up through the new Early Years SIG Facebook group.

Emerging Researchers

If you are a giftEDnz member, and have, are, or intend to be involved in research relating to the field of giftedness and talent you may be interested in being a part of the Emerging Researchers Special Interest Group. Please come and join the Facebook group to chat, share ideas, support one another, and work together as opportunities arise to present and spread the word about NZ based research in gifted education.

Successful Emerging Researchers Retreat

The weekend of September 16th-18th saw three keen emerging researchers, Idoya Munn, Carrie Vander Zwaag and Andi Delaune gather at an Airbnb in Auckland for the second giftEDnz Emerging Researchers’ Writing Retreat. With the support of mentors, Tracy Riley and Nadine Ballam they were able to write, discuss, re-write and come up with some articles that are nearly ready for publication.

The emerging researchers writers’ retreat was an incredible opportunity unlike anything I had previously experienced–an entire weekend to not only intensively focus on my research without the distractions of everyday life but to get candid and professional feedback from leading researchers in the field on my writing and insight into their perspectives into research and life in general. What a joy to be immersed in an environment of like-minded people with a passion for learning and youth! Everything was terrifically organised (even airport pickup and drop off) and food was scrumptious too.

                 – Carrie

giftEDnz is thrilled to be able to support the publication of New Zealand based research in this way. With the demise of APEX, the articles are likely to be published in other peer reviewed journals and we will keep you up to date with their progress via the website and the e-zine.

 giftEDnz is an active organisation, always seeking ways to continue advocating for our gifted tamariki and rangitahi, while also working to help empower our members and others in their work with these youngsters. Some recent activities include:

  • Supporting emerging researchers at a mentoring retreat
  • Presentations by members of the Speakers’ Beureau
  • Affiliation with the Australian Association for Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT)
  • Working towards a national study
  • New release of the fabulous e-zine to members

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