I just want to fly

By Vanessa White

The theme of this year’s New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week blog tour is ‘changing the way you see us’. Please click on the image below and scroll down to read the blog post ‘I just want to fly’.

I just want to fly

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3 thoughts on “I just want to fly

  1. “Create high expectations and promote excellence, innovation, inquiry, and curiosity” and do it with responsive learning environments! I love this sentiment. It speaks to so much of what we as parents and advocates strive for every single day. Thanks for a beautiful post … both visually and intellectually stimulating!

  2. If only teachers and parents were aware of this 35 years ago, so many crushed parents of gifted children out there ..

  3. It is important to firstly recognise and acknowledge a child is gifted. Teachers would then need to ensure they provide for the child’s needs and interests by means of tailoring their planning, instructions and assessments that would extend the child to his/her fullest potential. Teachers need to remember there is always room for growth, progress and avenues for building new pathways of knowledge. It is our duty as teachers to provide the opportunities to let the child soar ever higher.

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