Conference Proceedings

‘Ignited’ Conference Proceedings – 2014

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Keynote Addresses

DISCOVER Problem Solving

Presenter: June Maker

Supporting files from June Maker

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Presenter: Roger Moltzen








Session Presentations

Identifying gifted and talented Maori students -Theory into practice

To Sir with LoveGifted and Talented Maori and PAsifika Secondary School Boys

Maths in action      Squishy Circuits

Growing Great Leaders Supporting the Hiiden Gifted





Guided Student ReflectionExploring complexities of identities for gifted and talented adolescents



Its not black or white being brown Towards a paradigm shift






Visual spatial processing-giftedness-dyslexiaConvening - Growing leadershipWays into Philosophy





Supporting file from Jay Sloss – Ways into Philosophy




Giftedness Unfurled’ Conference Proceedings – 2012