Te Manu Kotuku Award

Te Manu Kotuku Award

Te Manu Kōtuku is a  prestigious award for an exceptional involvement in the gifted and talented education field of Aotearoa New Zealand. It is in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding service and contribution to the education and development of the gifted and talented children and young people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

In Maori oratory, the most telling compliment is to liken someone to Kōtuku. It symbolizes everything rare and beautiful. The feathers of Kōtuku were highly prized by Maori and were used to adorn the heads of chiefs both in this life and after.

giftEDnz has chosen to use this manu, Kōtuku, in our naming of this award to signify the uniqueness of the person and the value we attribute to the recipient for their contribution to gifted and talented education in Aotearoa and beyond.

The Te Manu Kōtuku Lecture is planned as a biennial keynote address presented by the recipient of the award. The lecture is hoped to reaffirm, yet challenge, professionals who work with gifted and talented students.

2017 Award Recipient

The Board of giftEDnz is delighted to announce that Associate Professor Tracy Riley is the recipient of the Te Manu Kōtuku Award for 2017. We are sure that members will agree that Tracy is a very deserving recipient of this award. The award was presented to Tracy at the giftEDnz Roadshow in Auckland on April 8th 2017. Tracy presented a fabulous thought-provoking lecture on the in-visibility of the gifted. 


The Te Manu Kōtuku Award will be presented bi annually at the giftEDnz national conference by the Chair of giftEDnz. The recipient will be chosen by the current Board of giftEDnz.


Previous Te Manu Kōtuku Award recipient Roger Moltzen with giftEDnz Board Chair (at the time), Tracy Riley.