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Articles from the 2016 Issue of the Australasian Journal of Gifted Education

To sir, with love: Messages for educators from gifted financially disadvantaged young people.  Nadine Ballam


How do academically successful Pasifika students perceive task value?  Kirstin Tait, Jenny Horsley and Carolyn Tait


"Allowing them to flourish": Parents support the leadership, academic and administrative challenges of full-year acceleration of their children at high school.  Janna Wardman


Enabling Ability and Growing Talent: The Contribution of Self, Place and Belonging.  Nadine Ballam and Marg Cosgriff


Tensions with the term 'Gifted': New Zealand Infant and Toddler Teachers' Perspectives in Giftedness. Andrea Delaune


Banter, Belonging, and Being Unique: Boys' Experiences of Acceleration in New Zealand. Lindsay Yeo, Tracy Riley and Vijaya Dharan


Acceleration for Gifted Girls Facilitated by Multiplicity and Flexibility of Provision and Practices. Margaret Crawford


Giftedness for Our Time and Place. Rosemary Cathcart



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