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Untangling the Pieces; Recognising the strengths of gifted and twice exceptional children within therapy settings.
Karen Keppel

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Growing evidence supports what the gifted community has always known; gifted kids, teens and adults are different to their neurotypical peers. During this discussion, Karen will provide information about the neurological differences found in gifted individuals, how these differences impact on how individuals function, and how these differences can be misinterpreted as other diagnoses, such as autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD or mood disorder. This knowledge will assist clinicians to recognize gifted individuals in their practice, along with some strategies to ensure their needs are appropriately supported.

Karen, Occupational Therapist and director of Leith Occupational Therapy, has comprehensive experience working alongside families and schools supporting gifted and twice exceptional children with complex needs. She has two twice exceptional children herself, so brings personal understanding of the complexity of supporting the varied needs of these little people. Karen is a Board member for giftEDnz, and authored the book ‘Identifying Giftedness in the Diagnostic Process’, a booklet published by giftEDnz.


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